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Nightlife in Roppongi 2010/8/26 18:48
I'm in tokyo right now and in a few hours we are going to go to Roppongi for it's night life. Any suggestions on night clubs? We like lively music and the place must be popping but not over crowded also prices reasonable.

Also, we are thinking of visiting a host club in the same area. We don't want to be over charged but they must speak english.

We want to exprience lots of fun things in Tokyo!

Btw is there any nice love hotels in Roppongi? We are curious to take a look inside ^_^

Thank you for all your help!
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suggestions 2010/8/27 01:46
Your planning to go to Disco clubs are good, I think.
There is many clubs and foreign worker/visitor.

For example, This is Disco club "alife" link. Many events everyday.
Entrance fee are 3500Yen/Men,2500Yen/Women with 2 drinks.

Host clubs are not recommended to you cause 2 reasons below.
1.In most cases, They HOSUTOs can not talks English well, so you will be boring.
2.They need repeater to profits. They know that you(foreigner) visit only the once.
In short, They do not fill you with passion. Then, you will be boring too...

Not enough Love hotels in Roppongi.
This link is search in google map japan with love hotel,tokyo.
As you can see, intensive in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Uguisudani...
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