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Lawsons - DVD-R 2010/8/27 11:37
Does Lawsons sell recordable DVD media like DVD-R, DVD+R?
by Joe (guest)  

conbini 2010/8/27 12:27
Most Lawson's and other conbini chains carry recordable media, and when they do it usually includes dvd-r. Expect a small selection and comparatively high prices though.
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- 2010/8/27 13:35
I just went, they didn't have them.

I was surprised to see Blu-ray discs though. There was also CDR and a special type of DVDR that Sony uses.

I guess I will have to order from Amazon.
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dvd-r 2010/8/27 14:17
That's too bad, yea, they don't all carry the same stuff so you may have to shop around. If you can't make it to an electronics store and need it today then check drug stores and supermarkets too as some of them carry blank media. Amazon may be better though as it'll be cheaper and their shipping is pretty fast.
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. 2010/8/27 14:23
Where do you live in Japan?

100yen shops generally have them, any electronics store should have them as well.
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