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Where was Shogun Filmed ? 2010/8/28 03:25
In the 1980 TV Mini-series ''Shogun'' there is a seaside village called ''Anjiro''. Where is this village ? Thanks !
by Peter (guest)  

miura 2010/8/28 11:30
i believe anjiro is now known as miura. it is in kanagawa prefecture next to tokyo. miura peninsular is a popular tourist spot.

i'm not sure where shougun was filmed but i believe himeji castle is used for the castle shots.
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Shogun 2010/8/28 11:38
Thank you Rick..the village was called Anjiro in the movie, it was a set location..I don't know if it ever was truly called Anjiro. I will follow up..The castle I know was the one you said.
Again thanks
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Refer to IMDB 2010/8/28 14:19

These are the locations used in the TV series.

The model of the show is William Adams who was later called Miura Anjin. Anjin means "navigator" and Miura is the name of the area in which he had terrotory given. There still is a train station in the area called Anjin-zuka.
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Still confused 2010/8/29 00:40
UCO...hello again!

OK..I went to the link..thank you. The link does not mention Miura, simply studios, and castles. The Anjin Miura..or simply miura
is that where the fictional [movie] was filmed or where the historal [true life] person lived ? Or did they film it at the original location. The link in any way was most helpful. Still hope for clarification.
Thanks Peter
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Nagashima 2010/8/29 01:02
The village of ''Anjiro'' was created in an isolated cove near Nagashima. All of the buildings in the village were specifically created for the mini-series. Unfortunately, the set was destroyed by a typhoon just as filming at the location was wrapping up. In any case, the location was not easy to get to and it may still be that way, if it is your intention to visit the location. This information is on the IMDB site in the ''trivia'' section of ''Shogun'', and I can confirm it was also mentioned on the special features DVD included in the ''Shogun'' DVD box set I own.
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Thank You 2010/8/29 07:36
yes this is the information I was looking for, I will search furthur to finally confirm it, and also thank for the history..was most helpful..
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Just in response 2010/8/29 12:32

You probably got your answer already, but just as a response to your other message, "Anjin Miura" is the real name of the real historical PERSON who was born William Adams. But this was not the kind of information you were really looking for.
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UCO 2010/8/30 06:03
Thank you..perhaps my question might have been phrased better.
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Ajin-zuka 2010/8/31 09:57
There is a gravesite not too far from Anjin-zuka train station. It is supposed to be the grave of William Adams (others say he was buried in Nagasaki)
"Shogun" was based loosely (or some say, more closely) on historical events. For example, "Toranaga" is based directly on Tokugawa Ieyasu.
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Just when I was happy.. 2010/8/31 10:22
with what I was learning..so it seems that William Addams grave site is unclear. Well.it was a loge time ago. This is not unheard of. Christopher Columbus and John Paul Jones' graves were [are?] in dispute. I am a huge fan of Shogun, yet I realize now the confusion that can rise between historical and fictional characters and events.
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Set and location for filming 2011/6/30 14:17
SHOGUN was both a mini-series and a feature film. (joint venture of Paramount & Fuji Film) Many of the shots were done in a Tokyo studio, but the outdoor set and village was adjacent to Owase, Japan in Mie Prefecture. The set was only temporary for filming. I was crew and an extra off the Golden Hinde II. It was used as two different ships in the filming. Owase was a city of about 10,000 in 1979. Very nice people that rarely see foreigners. If you want any snap shots I could scan some.
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Shogun 2011/7/2 23:24
Yes i would love to see some snap shots. What a great experience for you to be in the filming !
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William Adams 2011/7/4 04:56
His finial resting place is Hirado, located on Kyushu island.
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JPJ 2011/7/4 05:11
Oh, just to set the record straight!!
John Paul Jones died and was buried in France, many years later he was moved to the USNA where he is finailly at rest.
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William Adams Festivial 2011/7/4 05:59
In 1996 my ship made a port visit to a small sea side town called Ito, it is the place William Adams washed ashore. I think it was around this time of year too!! I remember all the Japanese in Kimono and me in my Whites, lots of pictures.. Did you know he was a British subject? I thought the movie said he was dutch. The British Ambasador was present for the festival.
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Jay 2011/7/5 09:43
Yes I concurr, about John Paul Jones.
I have been to his beautiful cript at the US Naval Academy.
He was perserved in Alcohol. Befitting a true Scotts. And leaving little doubt in my mind. I think Santo Domingo have some claims..unworthy.
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Re: Where was Shogun Filmed ? 2012/11/30 08:09
For what it is worth, the set for "Anjiro" is indeed adjacent to the town of Owase in the Mie Prefecture.

I've confirmed, via Google Earth satellite view, photos from the mini series, and from Google photos from the ground, that this is the spot:

34* 09' 46.11" N ; 130* 17'20" E

I hope to visit just for fun...it is a beautiful location.

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