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do's and don'ts 2010/8/28 20:40
I'm going to Japan for the very first time and my problem is I'm quite outgoing, spontaneous and out of the box. I'm thinking that it might be a problem to me. I mean Japanese are quite conservative. I grew up in Spain then I lived in New york before and now I'm living here in Philippines and I know I'm quite liberated.
is it find if i act like myself in Japan?
and if i do that i might get misunderstood right?
by clythem  

... 2010/8/28 22:32
"Japanese are conservative" is a silly blanket generalization you would do well to let go of.

Unless you are annoying obnoxious and don't pay any attention whatsoever to your surroundings, just act normally and treat people/places with the same level of respect expected in most places.

The main difference between Japan and America, for example, is the lack of space. People are more mindful of sound (music, footsteps, pets, TV, etc.) because housing is smaller and walls are thin. The same holds true in city streets.
Everywhere is crowded so people are more aware of their surroundings.
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