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Wing Chun class in Fukuoka 2010/8/28 23:41
I'm moving to Fukuoka end of November for 3 months and would like to continue my Wing Chun practice there.
Does anyone know of group classes held there (if possible near Tenjin area)?
Many thanks

by Sophie (guest)  

mmm 2010/9/1 08:27
I hope you dont get mad at me but I have to say that Wing Chun its not so popular in Japan; in fact it is chinese.

But Tai Chi Chuan its more practiced i remember. But I was in Kyoto, dont know about fukuoka sorry and dont get mad :P

hope you find it
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wing chun 2010/9/12 01:54
hey no reasons for me to get mad at you :-)
I saw someone else looking for Wing Chun class in Kobe-shi and a teacher got in touch with him so I was hoping the same would happen to me... I guess I'll have to look once I'm there...
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WC 2010/9/15 14:18
I couldn't find anything in Fukuoka. 2 in Osaka and also in Tokyo but I guess that doesn't matter. Maybe check those out in case you planning to move to one of those in the future.
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thanks 2010/9/28 01:20
hi Osaka Joe

thanks a lot for looking into it. Good idea, I'll check the clubs in Osaka and Tokyo.
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