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Gyms/sport centres in Tokyo and Osaka 2010/8/30 05:53
Can anyone personally recommend any gyms/sport centres in Tokyo or Osaka that are particularly good, inspiring, different from the norm or worth checking out?

Are the Japanese into their fitness training?

Thanks very much
by Felicity Cole (guest)  

... 2010/8/30 10:42
Just from my own experience, Tipness has always been good.

They have locations throughout Tokyo and Osaka, their pricing is fair, they have all the latest in equipment and studio routines, their staff is energetic and friendly, and they take cleanliness seriously.

On the other hand, they can be quite crowded and sometimes the locations don't have bicycle parking areas.

If you're into heavy lifting, the Gold's Gym in Kyobashi is the place to go (assuming it's still there). A lot of body builders and K1 fighters train there. The Tipness in Namba

In general, fitness in Japan is similar to America: there are fitness nut and people who can't do a push-up.
But the atmospheres at gyms are fun, positive, and usually foreigner friendly.
They are great places to meet people, make friends, and what better place to find a romantic/physical interest!

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... 2010/8/30 15:49
Thanks very much will check those out!
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konami 2010/8/31 13:44
I use KONAMI. Gyms in Japan I find less intimidating and more friendly. I always got a bit scared to go to gym in UK in case I did not understand how to use the machines, but in Japan there are loads of obaasan and all sorts of shapes and abilities so the staff are usually very helpful.
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