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How to behave on a Metal gig in Japan? 2010/8/30 08:27
is that true that on most metal gigs people have seated places in most venues in Japan?
If there are standing areas in front of the stage is it OK to "force" my way to the front across the crowd? I'm just asking because I have been to other countries before where people thought their standing place were secured just because they arrived earlier. And they were offended how dare I mash on a Slayer gig. :)) So like eveybody standing still without contacting others and enjoying a Slayer gig. :)) LoL
Now this is not the case in the country where I came from and you can cut your way if you dare. But I would like to know if this is OK in Japan because I might go to a gig there soon and I don't want to be extra rude.

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. 2010/8/30 17:33

Let me put it this way. In arena/stadium gigs, seats are often placed in all floors. In club gigs, seats are usually available only on the upper floor. The floor lower than the stage is all-standing, usually having fences dividing the sections.

You are not "allowed" to force your way to the front across the crowd, but in a lot of gigs the audience does that against security policies.

Now, not all people in the audience know the same "unwritten rule". Some people do think that "their standing place were secured just because they arrived earlier" and they will give you a "look" if you behave against it. For this reason, the golden rule is to go to the bathroom BEFORE entering the venue.

If you ask me, I think the audience in rock concerts in Japan are expected to build an atmosphere that EVERYONE can enjoy. That means including those in the audience and those on stage. So if others around you are forcing ways, follow suit. But keep in mind about the short people and help them secure their places. And most of all, get wild enough so that the artists will be happy.

Reading interviews, I have the impression that foreign artists find that Japanese audiences show up mainly to enjoy the show rather than to get drunk and party.
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bathroom 2010/8/30 19:51
I guess you're right I will have to see what people are doing and just follow the suit. :)
But I did not really get the part "For this reason, the golden rule is to go to the bathroom BEFORE entering the venue".
I guess you meant once you go out to toilet during the gig you can't really make your way back to the position which you left.

cheers mate
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Right 2010/8/31 10:58

Yes, that's what I meant about the toilet.
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