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where to buy sanshin in Chiba? 2010/8/30 19:03
Can anyone tell me where I can buy a sanshin (Okinawan banjo) in Chiba pref?
Needs to be artificial snakeskin as real snakeskin won't be allowed through Quarantine in my country.
by sanshin freak (guest)  

... 2010/9/2 02:13
I don't know about Chiba, but here is an online store (Japanese) that sells sanshin with artificial skins:


and here (English):


They are located in Okinawa, also.
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thanks..... 2010/9/3 16:05
but I was really wanting to purchase one whilst in Japan - only have 1 week and will be in Chiba ( around Sakura city).

Is it usual for musical instrument stores to sell sanshin?
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No 2010/9/3 17:15
It's not usual for stores to have sanshin.

I'd guess that most shop staff will wonder what you are talking about when you ask for a sanshin.

I recommend you buy one online from Okinawa and have it shipped to wherever you are staying. Just confirm that they can ship it immediately.

Shipping from Okinawa only takes 2 days to Tokyo.

For what it's worth I bought a sanshin about a week ago on yahoo aucions. I scoured Tokyo music stores for one, nobody has them. Okinawas where it's at.

Or get a shamisen, more money but many music shops have them
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