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My father had a look into omamori 2010/8/31 14:10
I sent an "omamori" to my boyfriend but before I was able to explain about it my father was so curious that he had a look into it and took out the paper. Than my boyfriend gave the paper back. Since I've heard about it I have kind of uneasy feeling because I was told it's not recommended to try to look inside. What could I do now? Should I go to a shrine to say a prayer and make an excuse or so? What would Japanese do in that case? Thank you for your advice.
by Nadja (guest)  

No problem 2010/8/31 21:21

I don't understand what you mean by "Than my boyfriend gave the paper back." but if someone took the paper out of my omamori, I would simply put the paper back into the omamori cover just as it was before.

I might also check and see if the shrine has an email address I can send questions to. If they have one I would ask them what I should do (and they would probably answer as what I just wrote.) I wouldn't bother to pay for prayer fees.
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. 2010/8/31 22:30
As a very curious (and naughty) kid, I did the same thing, and was disappointed to found there was only a piece of paper and a tiny piece of wood. Nothing happened to me after that, but if it makes you feel better I adivece you to do what Uco suggested. After all that's what "omamori" is for (to make you feel better).
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