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Mosquito repellent bracelet? 2010/9/1 16:42
I was at a store and saw on the package a picture of what I thought looked like a mosquito repellent bracelet. But I was in such a rush I couldn't look closer to see it. I had never heard of such a thing, but thought that might be something I'd be interested in buying if it exists. Is there such a thing? If so, what is it called?
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mosquito repellent bracelets 2010/9/1 17:12
They're typically citronella based moquito repellent impregnated bracelets. They work reasonably well and are supposed to be better for you as they don't contain as harsh of chemicals as other repellents. I can't recall the name in Japanese at the moment, but they sell them all over the place in summer (grocery stores, drug stores, conbini, home centers, etc.) Another type you may be interested in are repellent stickers which we stick on our baby and other small children.

Personally however, I find spray type repellents to be more effective, and long sleeves and pants most effective (albeit sweltering), when working in our heavily mosquito infested yard.
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amazon 2010/9/1 17:23
Looks like they're called Mushiyoke band, ring, or brace. Its 虫よけ in japanese if you wanna find other repellents. Here's a bunch of different bracelet types on amazon:

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.. 2010/9/14 23:24
interesting ! Would like to buy one since its quite effective right ?
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