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j league matches in japan 2010/9/2 16:31
hi there,

im travelling to tokyo in december/january and was wondering if there are any j league(soccer) matches which we can catch there?

how much is the average ticket(normal one) to a match there?

im going to tokyo btw...tokyo verdy all the way!

by janpang  

... 2010/9/2 18:19
J-league has a good English-language website.


Google: j league
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no league games 2010/9/5 20:47
the season ends in the first week of december and starts again in early march, so you won't be able to see any league games while you're there.
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more qs abt football 2010/9/6 23:41
what are the chances of getting tickets in october for a game in tokyo?

nearest station to a stadium?
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Ticket cost 2010/9/7 07:43
We went to the Yokohama Marinos game at Shin-Yokohama. It was great! It cost approx 2800 yen each. Only difficult thing was finding our seat - in the end because it wasn't sold out we just found the general stand area, and sat in some empty seats. If you are a soccer fan I would definitely suggest going as I found it completely different to the soccer and their fans here (I am from Australia).

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Emperor's Cup 2010/9/8 00:08
Not J league matches but you can still watch semi-final and final of the Emperor's Cup. Final and one of the semi-final games will be held in Tokyo for sure. I'm not sure about quterfinal.
Final: Jan 1
Semifinal: Dec 29
Quaterfinal: Dec 25


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tickets? 2010/9/8 10:13
so how do we obtain tickets to the emperor's cup?
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LAWSON 2010/9/8 21:03
You can buy them from ordinary ticket service (? I don't know how to call it in English) such as Lawson or Ticket Pia. But tickets for the FINAL is not yet on sale. Details on when the tickets go on sale will be announced in October.

Do you read Japanese?
If so, see this page.

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