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What are these products? 2010/9/3 13:27
I received one as a gift from a dear friend and the other was a "joke gift" from someone else. I do not know what they are. One appears to be a drink but the other I do not know if it is a health supplement or a cream for skin. I cannot read the labels and the gifter of the pear stuff lives far away. The other gifter stopped talking to me when I rejected his romantic advances. I hope someone here can answer this. Thank you in advance.

Looks like a drink-

No clue except it has pear and collagen in it-
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... 2010/9/4 09:25
The first looks to be a serving of "tohtohshu," a sake that the manufacturer claims to have medicinal properties:

The manufacturer recommends you serve it by itself warm or cut it with other drinks (beer, hot water, and seltzer water are the ones recommended on the page). Apparently, the manufacturer sells two types - one with a fruity, sweet flavor and a spicier one with higher alcohol content. You have the latter.

(I'm going solely on web information here, so if anyone who's tasted the product can add to the above, please do so.)
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I have not tasted either of them either 2010/9/4 16:32
About the first one, I think the one sold in cups like this is meant to be enjoyed as is (thus the handy size), but the alcohol content for this type is 29%, beware.

The second one seems to be pear jelly stick.

Chill the packet, then cut the top of the packet across and squeeze out the jelly stick, I guess :)
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