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Writing a Japanese address 2010/9/5 01:53
I need to send a letter from America to Japan. My friend gave me her address, but it's in the Japanese order and I'm not sure how to put it in the order that the US Postal Service would accept.

Her address is:

Hiroshimaken Higashihirosimashi Kurosetyo Narahara 5**-**

What order would I put this in, and where would I write 'Japan'?

-Would I include this if I'm sending from America?
-Should Hiroshimaken be changed to Hiroshima Prefecture or can it stay as it is?
-Is there anything else that needs to be changed?

Help is greatly appericiated! Thank you!
by LM (guest)  

. 2010/9/5 10:41
I would write like this:

Your friend's name
5**-** Nakahara, Kurose-cho
Higashi Hiroshima, Hiroshima
7**-**** Japan

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. 2010/9/5 11:00
In reality the USPS will accept any format as long as the country name and postal code are clearly written in English.

Once they get the country name they just send it off to that country where it gets sorted out by Japan Post people.

The format you can use can be
city, prefecture, POSTAL CODE

Again as long as the numbers are correct (especially the postal code) they can deliver it.

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