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Uniqolo Japan and a quest for a polo 2010/9/5 02:26
To date I've been unable to find polo shirts I like more than one specific style I have found in Uniqulo last year. The best fitting, most comfortable, wrinkle free, awesome polos and not one available on the internet. I contacted Uniqulo Soho store in NY, no go. Looking for ways to
1) figure out if that style is still available in Japan
2) figure out a way to get someone to buy/ship it for me.

Specifically, it's a Wrinkle Free (and possibly Keep Dry) Polo style info: 344-056808 (92-01) or possibly 342-05A-06B, I have no clue what the writing says..... There is also a 3rd number on the label 754-0894.
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picture 2010/9/5 12:06
take a picture of whatever it is you said you couldn't read. we can probably find out the actual name of the shirt and then search online to see whether it's still available.

that being said, i'm sorry to say it's unlikely uniqlo has it anymore as once their lineup is finished for each season (spring summer autumn winter) they usually have nothing left of a given product and it never comes back.

but there might be some retailers that hold on to uniqlo's overstock/unsold items who might still have the shirt.
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thanks 2010/9/16 05:40
I knew they turned over styles frequently, but you gave me peace. Thanks. The most fantastic Polos.. I wish I had bought more. Oh well, I guess I'll look forward to new styles next time I am in Japan. Thank you!
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