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where can I buy English software? 2010/9/5 12:34
Hi everyone. I would like to ask if anyone of you here knew where can I buy an english version of photoshop elements 8 or other softwares. I've been into different elec. stores but they don't have eng. version of softwares they're selling and they can't even order one for me :-( I really want the software since I'm into photography. And I don't have credit cards to order it online. Does anyone of you here knew any stores which have eng. version of softwares somewhere in Tokyo or Akihabara or any places here in Japan? I really need your help and suggestions.
Thanks everyone in advance.

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Mercantile 2010/9/8 21:09
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try the old fashioned way? 2010/9/10 16:30
What about asking family or friends back home to buy and send you one? It might be faster that way and you can always reimburse them with an electronic bank transfer at the post office. Yen-Dollar rate is good for us in Japan now...

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thanks 2010/9/10 22:12
Thanks Dave and jmarkley. I have checked the site you shared Dave but the price is way too high compared to some elec. shops I visited plus delivery charge is not included :-( That's a nice suggestion jmarkley. Got to be patient on this one :-)Tomorrow I'll be going again to another elec. shops hoping to find eng. version of these softwares. Arggg, this is the time when credit card is so useful but I'm just too afraid to own one.
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