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where to experience taiko drumming? 2010/9/7 14:35
I will be bringing a small group (less than 10) of students to Japan next year and am looking for somewhere for them to experience taiko drumming in either Chiba or Nikko (maybe there are local groups somewhere who would welcome these kids?)
Our budget is very limited and we would need to find something with no cost.

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... 2010/9/8 22:47
Fukuro Matsuri/Annual Festival of Mitake Jinja Shrine (Toshima-ku) 2010.9.25(Sat)`2010.9.26(Sun)
Location: around JR Ikebukuro Sta. (West Exit), Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Transportation: JR Yamanote Line to Ikebukuro Sta. (West Exit)


This festival in late September has many Taiko drum groups performing.

The Zanpa Taiko Drum Group performs regularly at Okinawa World in Okinawa.

I know that's not much help for your group, but...
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Contact the cities 2010/9/8 23:29
And explain the situation and ask if they can arrange a performance either in the community center, school, etc. Most cities have drums they use in festivals and may be able to bring them out with enough advance warning. Some may also have rehersals and you may be able to catch one.

I think Kodo, a Japanese drum corps is touring the US next year. If you live in the US you may want to check out their schedule. They will be in Bloomington, Indiana on February 25, 2011.
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. 2010/9/9 07:07
At festival or Kodo team tours, you can only watch, not touch or play. They are very expensive musical instruments.
Contact the Kyoto City International Foundation & see if they have something. They have other things going.
Many cities in US, especially in the west coast, there are Taiko teams you can join.
Meanwhile, watch YouTube. Type in taiko, i.e.
But most of the live Taiko performance sounds in YouTube are not so great. If you like good sound & music, watch
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thnkas everyone! 2010/9/14 17:36
Thanks for all the great ideas. Unfortunately we are not in US and our trip is not until 2011.
I think Tess's Idea of contacting the cities sounds the most possible. I'll follow that path.
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a performance by Kodo 2010/9/14 17:54
If your into taiko then you should experience a performance by Kodo


they're awesome
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Not exactly Taiko drumming 2010/9/15 00:53
If you're in Tokyo at all, go to Yoyogi-koen (park) on Sundays. All kinds of musicians and performers, including some with Taiko drums, gather there to play together. It's very fun and worth watching, even if it's not your traditional Japanese Taiko performance. It's also free.

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