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Japanese movie streaming service 2010/9/7 16:55
I am looking for a service on the Internet, where I can watch movies on demand.
I have a PC and a PS3, so it can also be a service, which is only available on the PS3.

I am more interested in american movies. Does these services normally also offer the original language option with japanese subtitles, which is very common in Japanese cinemas? This would be great, since my gf is japanese and would like to have japanese subtitles, while my Japanese is very poor and I also don't want to see poorly translated movies.
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iTunes/Qriocity 2010/9/8 15:29
iTunes has a wide selection of Hollywood movies and the odd Japanese movie for rental or buying.
BUT you need to join the UK or US store. Japan iTunes is rubbish -- no movies or TV shows ! (not even Japanese ones??)
Even if you live in Japan you can join UK or US store, just list your credit card address as your Japanese address and change just the country box to UK or US.
(Be aware your account is linked to a particular countries' store only for all purchases)

PS3 has just launched Qriocity streaming service for PS3 but I dont know if it can be accessed from Japan...or if there is a work around. still early days.
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Thanks 2010/9/8 16:13
Thank you, but iTunes is not really an option, since they don't have japanese subtitles and the other service you mentioned is also not available in Japan.

I remember that I saw one year ago an advertisment in the television for such a service, where you have to order a DVD for your PS3 to access this service, but I can't remember the name.

Does someone knows perhaps such a service in Japan?
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