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Soft eyeglass case 2010/9/8 11:21
Does anyone know about this kind of soft eyeglass case: the kind that opens at one side end, is made of just plain cloth, not the kind that "pops" open, has probably traditional Japanese design (like I'm guessing flowers)? I am asking for a friend of mine who's not here in Japan, so I hope I'm describing it correctly so that someone knows what I am talking about.

I tried a few eyeglass shops and some 100 yen stores, but couldn't find any. Is it just luck? Are they not commonly sold anymore, because if it is going to take too much of an effort to find, my friend just said to forget about it. Thanks!
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... 2010/9/9 10:01
Maybe something like this?
(Those came up through my web search, and those shops are online shops only.)

I don't know where you are now, but you might want to try the "kimono" section of a department store. They tend to have small handbags, handkerchieves, cosmetics bags, etc. made with the traditinal cloth.

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