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Buffalo Portable Wi-fi router 2010/9/8 12:54
Hello. I just moved back to Japan. As I am living in a very small city, I cannot find free wifi internet access in cafe/restaurant/shopping mall, etc. The docomo shop sales recommended the DWR-PG portable wi-fi router. Anybody used it? Is it good? I was told that I have not choice but to choose "mopera" as a provider. I asked many Japanese people and nobody heard of it. Including the cost of breaking the contract, it costs about 7900 yen/month to use it. I am not sure if it is worth. Thanks.
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try your local 'denki' shop 2010/9/8 23:10
try look for denki shop like LABI/YAMADA, Yodobashi, BiC camera etc. where they have promotional package where you get 30,000 yen disc when purchase computer or other free gift when you sign-up . Other than Docomo, you can also checkout Emobile https://store.emobile.jp/DC/d25hw.php
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Is the buffalo router my best choice? 2010/9/9 08:25
Thanks. Actually, is the buffalo wifi router my best choice? I already got a Foma phone. b-mobile wifi has a similar router. It costs 44,900 yen (usb 3G version 39,900 yen). You can use it for 180 hours within 480 days. There is no penalty breaking the contract as there is none. Just a one time pay. I also heard about Mzone and Freespot. However, in small cities, there seem to be very limited places with such facilities. Moreover, they are not actually free.
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