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What gift to give to my Japanese penpal? 2004/8/4 02:39
My Japanese penpal sent me a couple gifts from a visit to Kyoto. One was Nioibukuro and the other was Aburatorigami. I found it so sweet for her to send me these things that are only found there, and while on holiday no less! I am at a loss at what to send to her as a gift. I want to send something nice that maybe cannot be found in Japan. Does anyone have suggestions? I am from Upstate NY if that helps?
by Tina  

gits 2004/8/25 06:58
Well i had a japanese girl stay with me over the summer and she bought me loads of things,,,,,,,, and i was shocked, i got her loads of things that showed my country and for christmas i'm sending her a friends forever bracelet. She is great and we're great friends, just send her something meaningful and something from your country
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Anything American 2004/8/25 14:06
Most of the Japanese love anything from America. Especially if it's something thats very popular at the moment in the U.S. Since you mentioned your from upstate N.Y. maybe you could send ''IloveN.Y.'' stuff such as a pencil or T-Shirt?! Also, when my best friend visits her homeland in Russia, she brings me back Russian candy & I love it! So perhaps any american candy or candy bars would be fun gifts as well. Hope this helps:)~
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Candy sounds good... 2006/6/22 04:40
what about some hershey's choclate or some jelly belly beans! i am from britain and these two american things are rarely found in our shops!
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well once.. 2006/6/24 12:22
I gave a Japanese friend a quarter map and filled it up will all the ones I could find, including D quarters which are so hard to find... it was a lot of work but it is unique to America and she was so shocked and happy when I gave it to her. I also gave her a lot of strange American candy that I doubted she would like very much but I knew she would have fun trying it. She seemed to enjoy it very much...

Just gather some things you think would make good gifts, you can think of a certain topic (like candy, books, ect.) and search out and buy the most entertaining things you find.

If you're in Japan and looking for a gift (which may be less fun since they live there) food is always acceptable as long as it's really nice (and usually expensive)
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pop-tarts 2006/6/24 15:31
When my Japanese boyfriend came to visit me in the US, he bought Pop Tarts with an American flag design on them to take home to his little sister.
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Oh it'll be easy... 2006/6/29 02:26
Oh all my pen pals LOVE postcards, stickers, bracelets, B-day/holiday cards, pictures, and little things like that!!

My friend Mika from Yokohama sent me a whole bunch of pictures and a few postcards from her trip to Akita to visit her grandparents.....they were awesome! So in return i sent her some pictures from around the U.S.! and some candies! =D

and since your in NY, if you went into the city you could get some really awesome postcards or something else from all those souvenir shops they have up there...or China Town!...or just head to battery park.....i use to go there to just relax or skate but i'd definatly notice there were always TONS of lil' gift/souvenir-stands! I'm sure you could find tons of things there your pen pal would love! XD

Good Luck! xP

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what to send 2006/8/30 02:28
I've learned from my penpal Masami and a grandmother of a family friend. That a good thing to send is Make-up. Make-up is very expensive in Japan. Masami recently requested lip-gloss and my friend's japanese grandmother agreed.
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Good site 2007/1/26 21:54
Hi cool site friends!
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Re: Anything American 2007/8/9 00:05
I would have to agree with what Teena has posted. It seems that the Japanese are trying to conform to western culture. Giving western gifts is a good idea so that they can try and be more western. To me, places like McDonalds, and 7 Eleven are western representations.
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post-it notes 2007/11/19 05:41
Post-it notes are made in America (they come in cool designs). American coin dollars are neat. If you want to really give something special like a beautiful thank you gift, the White House Xmas ornaments are well appreciated. Maple syrup is another idea....Mrs. See's candies (one of the best Am. chocolates) and Old Bay seafood seasoning (made in Baltimore). I also bought some Georgia O'Keefe bookmarks
and calendars--from the Santa Fe Museum. Georgia O'Keefe's work is American yet appreciated by the Japanese.
Vera Bradley key rings, eye glass cases, small purses--the ones that are patterned are made in the U.S. although the black ones are made in China. The Japanese love designer labels.
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gift ideas 2007/11/19 12:43
So Sees candies are primarily american? As in not that widely available in japan as they are here I mean. ^^
That sounds good as a gift to my penpal aswell. I'm starting to think with christmas around the corner,some ornaments would be nice. Although I hope she doesn't get the wrong impression since christmas has some romantic connotation in japan. Am I right with that?
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... 2007/11/19 13:13
I've brought See's candies over many times and they have been well received. Whatever you decide to send, it really is the thought that counts. However, this thread is really really old and I'm not sure why its been recently reactivated. Surely the OP is long gone.
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beneficial 2007/11/19 13:42
Agreed. Although this topic is helpful. I found it better commenting here instead of starting another thread.
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Ahh! 2007/12/17 07:03
I am also looking for things to send to my Japanese penpal (as a surprise for the New Year/Christmas)

Although I dont live in a big big town, I cant seem to decide what to send her. Would 1 larger item be better than a bunch of little items? I thought about sending a "best friends" necklace, some See's candy (saw that as a suggestion). Im not really sure if she wears make up

Also, encase I dont have the money too around the holiday season, would it be bad to send her stuff on Valentines day? I know in America its not weird to buy chocolate and stuff for friends, but what about Japan? Any suggestions?
My penpal loves music, so I thought about that too. She's also into art.
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ideas? 2007/12/21 02:41
I live in canada so I'd like some help in what to give to my japanese penpal. I've sent her postcards, stickers, earrings, bookmarks, and pictures so far. Any suggestions?
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Oh Canada! 2007/12/21 10:27
Well you could always send her a Molson ha ha ha... sorry. Give her a recipe for putein or something I guess.

But uniquely american?...there are American car posters and such.... And you could send them certain video games and movies a few months early ha ha.
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... 2007/12/21 12:18
be aware that the US and Japan are different region codes for games and dvds so a dvd bought in Japan won't play in the typical dvd player in the US and vice a versa.
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