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Lightnovel, Bunshou... 2010/9/11 23:20

This question just occurred to me in book off today. I was trying to find some Lightnovels for girls, which was not that easy because they seem to be written either for boys or for girls who love boys love.
and besides, they were sorted in bunshou, which seemed to be quite a lot of different kinds of books...

where can I find books dedicated for teenager or young adults in their 20s? and what are they called?
What are the basic genres (like bunshou, lightnovel or something like this)?
I'm kind of lost...
by shunima  

Suzumiya Haruhi? 2010/9/12 13:20

I'm not sure what you mean by "bunshou," but for starters, the "Suzumiya Haruhi ({nq)" series seems to be extremely popular among both boys and girls as well as some adults. It's not about boy's love, either. This is the series' official website.

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