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choosing a couple ring 2010/9/12 02:27
Hi everyone,

I want to take my jgf to his favorite shopping area from Tokyo the next time I will see her, to buy some couple rings.
Since I'm over 30 and saved money for that, I would like to buy some rings a little more shinny that the usual teenager's couple ring. (I hope that I'm not saying something stupid, I read that from another thread).

So, I want a ring for her and I.
-Meaning : "I'm showing to everyone that I'm not single and more than that, that you're so important for me and that the next step will be the one you're waiting."

-At the same time, and since she likes jewels, I want a beautifull one. Range between couple ring and wedding. (I'm talking of the price here). It's a pleasure I want to make her. Is there a recommended price for that ? (such as the wedding ring must be 3 times the monthly income..)

Can you give me a few advices about the places to go please ? Her farorite area is Ginza, so I will bring her there to see the smile on her face when we she will discover that we will enter in a jewerly shop, but I don't know well which places are apropriated.
She is in her early 30's.

Thanks you if you can help :)

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Tanaka, Vendome, Tiffany, ... 2010/9/12 15:16
Ginza Tanaka, Mikimoto Pearl, and Tasaki Pearl are famous and traditional jewelry maker / reseller. When I and my wife were looking for engage and marriage ring in our early 30s, I thought they were offering reasonable price and staffs were good.

Tasaki's business is not good for these few years. Your girl friend can have a bad image with them. While Tasaki and Mikimoto are pearl makers originally, they sell diamond and other jewelries.

I think these are typical places where engaged couples buy their engage / marriage rings. I'm not sure whether this stereotype image, if it's shared with your girl friend, would work good or bad for you.

More casual options are Vendome Aoyama, Agete (a-ga-tto), and 4oC (read as four-degree-C by replacing o with a degree mark). These are Japanese jewelry brands. Among these, Vendome Aoyama is more suitable for adult. 4oC is a little girly and for the young. I think all of these have their own shops in Ginza.

If she likes Western-brand ring, there are big stores of Tiffany, Bvlgari, etc. Tiffany's pair-ring is popular for engage / marriage ring as well as for younger couples' gift.

Good luck!
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Thank you 2010/9/13 05:31

Thanks for the advices :)
She wants to appear as a sophisticated woman, but she and I cannot afford the very expensive brands. She likes Tiffany and Bvlgari.
That's sound nice, and I also think that the most important thing for her is to be offered that sort of things.

As far as I know any of her previous boyfriend did it yet and she is envious of her friends.

Gambare !

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... 2010/9/14 10:56
By the way, if I were you, I would mention about couple rings before shopping. You can still surprise her by telling her the day you decide to go, but if you take her into a jewelery shop, she might think you want to pop the question... I know I would be disappointed to discover it's ''just'' about couple rings, lol!
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right ! 2010/9/15 06:27
Thanks Lizzy for this important information !

Let's say that for the moment I want a beautifull couple ring.
Maybe between the couple ring and the engagement ring.

I know I know... that's probably too much steps, but it's my wish to get it like that.
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