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grass eater / meat eater 2010/9/16 22:57
Hi everyone,

I'm not japanese and my jgf once introduced me to those concepts.

I'm understanding (summarizing) that grass eater are the men who are :
- as or more fashionable than women.
- don't take decisions by themselves and have the trend to wait for someone else to do things for them.


Meat eaters are active women who want to travel, see the world, be active. Maybe a kind of opposite of Yamato Nadeshiko.
They also fear to discover that they boyfriend can be linked too much with his mother, unable to act and take decisions by himself

I felf that since the beginning of our relationship with my gf. She is meat eater, and she is afraid that I could be grass eater.

My point of view is that I'm not a grass eater. I've always been able to take decisions by myself. I'm a responsible man.
And at the same time, I'm a romanticist able to feel and express feelings (I'm aware I have the trend to do that too much, but I'm correcting myself).

I don't see who it's bad to be like that and why being sensitive and carefull towards your gf is making you seen as a grass eater.

Any advices are apreciated. I'm planning to say her that I'm NOT a grass eater.

Curcuma ^^

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soshoku 2010/9/17 09:06
soshokudanshi are basically men who have little or no interest in women. they are interested in keeping their appearances up and may have no interest in bedroom activities.

to be honest from your post you sound a little soshoku danshi-ish. you sound like you have no confidence at all. if your girlfriend told you she likes nikushoku danshi or meat eaters then i think your relationship is going to be rocky because i can't imagine a nikushoku loving girl being able to handle a soshoku guy's tendencies very long.
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