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otc antihistamine in japan 2010/9/17 09:34

I am travelling around japan for a month.. im a week into my travels and having a bit of a hive outbreak! (no idea what caused it) but I hear antihistamines are what I need to treat the hives. Can anyone recommend an otc brand I could pick up. pics / english pronunciation would be a big help!! Thanks
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ask 2010/9/17 12:43
we needed allergy eyedrops when we were in Osaka last year.The pharmacy part of the convenience store in Osaka station was great: the pharmacist understood allergy without a problem, and we were able to get drops immediately..they were excellent.
So if you are in a major tourist area just show the hives and ask: I'm sure you won't have a problem
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. 2010/9/17 13:20
I would recommend taking it with you. Japanese medicine is very weak and didn't work for me when I lived there. I would take a bunch back when I visited home.
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. 2010/9/17 13:26
I recommend Restamin Kowa.
It is available both in tablets and ointment in tube.

JPY1,522 (220 tablets)
*to take 3 tablets for adult (over 15 y.o)
three times a day (3 x 3 = 9 tablets/day)
9 tablets contains 90mg of diphenhydramine.

JPY693 (30g)
*Apply several times a day
contains 20mg of diphenhydramine.

Restamin Kowa sugar-coated tablets
J: res(u)tamin koh wa toh i joh

Restamin Kowa Cream
J: res(u)tamin koh-wa kuriimu
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