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Baseball and Sumo 2010/9/18 14:14
Hey just a quick question. I am planning my first trip to Japan in April 2011, and I'm a huge sports fan. I'm a big baseball (Boston Red Sox) fan. I want to catch a game, either a Giants or Tigers game. Also I know there are seasonal sumo basho's (hopefully I spelled that right). My question is how easy is it to get tickets for these events. I know if you don't get tickets on opening day in Boston it's tough, also how much are tickets? Yet again tickets can be pricey through brokers in Boston.

Thanks for any answers

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Baseball and Sumo 2010/9/22 15:58
You watching sumo odd number month.

You can watch Baseball(Giants Game) at Tokyo Dome.
Please look for game schedule on the Internet.

My English is unskilled. Sorry.
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