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Black guy raps in Japanese! Who is he? 2010/9/20 06:50
Hi guys and girls!

So I came across this video of a black guy (Afro American?) who raps in Japanese! Anyone who know who he is? Is he famous over in Japan? Never ever heard about him before so I'd be glad if anyone has any info =)

Thanks in advance
Marin P


Ps, I heard about a guy who sings enka in Japanese, any chance that it's this guy? =)
by Marin P (guest)  

Man 2010/9/20 08:44
In the video the guy says his name is Man, and that he's Portuguese. I was unable to find anything else other than his youtube profile. Maybe you can contact him directly for more info:


btw, the enka singer is Jero:

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Man from Portugal 2010/9/20 08:46
He says his name is "Man", and if you look at the title of the YouTube clip his name is there. The info underneath says he was born in Portugal and grew up in Scandanavia.

It's not Jero, the enka singer- I think enka to rap would be a bit much of a cross-over anyway! Jero is actually a quarter Japanese, which this guy Man doesn't seem to be.
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simul posting 2010/9/20 08:48
Whoops, posted at exactly the same time as yllwsmrf! (or perhaps a few seconds after)
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Thank you! 2010/9/20 18:23
Thank you for your swift replies!

Okay, so he is Portugues Scandinavian than. How come he raps in perfect Japanese? maybe Japanese is the result of Portuguese mixed with a Scandinavian language than =P

I sent him an email for more info, hope I'll get a reply soon.

Thanks for the info about Jero!

I hope the two of them cook something up togeher, that would be sweet!

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He's done another song 2010/9/30 10:01

I liked this one better than the first. Great message!

The guy is kinda funny, his Japanese sounds really cute, esp when you compare it with the "CHE! YO GUYS WHAT'S UP" in English that he starts his videos with.
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but 2010/9/30 10:03
He might as well have skipped the intro with that other guy who obviously doesn't know any Japanese though, it sent my corn-o-meter off the charts...
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not perfect though... 2010/9/30 10:17
Actually, I wouldn't call Man's Japanese "perfect"- he has an obvious accent, and nobody would think he was Japanese just by listening to him.

He can rap in Japanese no doubt for the same reason I and lots of other non-Japanese can speak Japanese- we spent many years and a lot of effort learning the language.

I very much doubt it has anything to do with being Portuguese-Scandinavian.
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