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Which of the 2 ski resorts "better" 2010/9/21 03:12
We are advanced beginner skiers, trying to choose between Nozawa onsen and Shiga Kogen for early next February. Any advice please ? As far as I am aware, Nozawa is more atmospheric but the slopes "look" more challenging. Shiga has more slopes for beginners but no apres ski or even restaurants ie. everyone just eat in hotels ?? I would welcome any comments or advice between the 2 resorts. We will be driving (with snow tyres) so transport ought not be a consideration. Planning on staying 3 nights and don't want the hassle of going to both resorts (ie: returning and re-renting skis etc) even though both are not too far from each other.
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Car 2010/9/21 13:28
Shiga Kogen is more suitable for beginners, particularly around the Ichinose area.

Another place you chould try for beginner's slopes is Hakuba. And there is a lot more to do at night than at other ski resorts in central Japan.
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Shiga 2010/9/24 18:57
I've been to a few resorts in Japan, but I've never been to Nozawa. The best ski resort I've ever been to is Shiga kogen because it is a huge resort. I'm only an intermediate skier and I was amazed by size of the place. It took me hours to get from one side of the resort to the other. There isn't too many advance runs though.

Hakuba is nice, but all the resorts aren't tied together like Shiga. It is mostly skiers. I'm a snowboarder, but good times.
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... 2010/9/24 19:56
Thanks guys. Someone told me it is very scary to drive up the mountain to Shiga Kogen in early February because the road gets very icy, did you experience that as we are planning a driving holiday which includes Shiga Kogen. If indeed it is dicey, we can still switch now to Nozawa Onsen. Just want to be on the safe side as it will be our 1st time to Shiga Kogen although we've driven to other ski resorts in Yuzawa, Kusatsu and Karuizawa.
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roads 2010/9/27 11:38
If you are not experienced at driving on winding, snow covered roads, then perhaps it would be better to avoid Shiga Kogen.

Actually, thinking about it, there are are short beginner's runs at the bottom of Nozawa Onsen.

And there are quite easy runs at the top of the Gondolas. If you found it too difficult to ski back down to the bottom, you could just catch the gondola back down.
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... 2010/9/27 21:07
Sandy, good to hear they allow you to ride the gondola back DOWN at Nozawa unlike in other resorts where they don't and we would hate to chance skiing beyond our comfort zone. Is it all over Nozawa that they allow you to ride DOWN or just certain gondolas only ?
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good beginners runs at Nozawa 2010/9/29 18:29
You are allowed to go down on all the gondolas but they wont let you go down on any of the lifts. Nozawa Onsen has quite a few beginners areas, the best being where you get off either gondola. There is a long track from top to bottom which is narrow in some places but you should be comfortable going down that unless you are a real beginner. Here is a bit of a guide to the resort http://www.naganogo.com/nozawa-onsen/nozawa-onsen-mountain/.

The road up to Shiga can be a bit hairy, but if your car has snow tyres and 4wd (you will need this no matter where you drive in nagano) you should be alright. Just take it easy,
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