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straw boots 2010/9/22 22:03
I will be in Tokyo for five days at the end of the year. First,I would like to know where I could get a pair of strawboots, I mean a pair that I can actually wear them. Second, is there any place offering short craft courses that I can learn; cooking, origami, etc? Third, can anyone recommend underground shopping malls besides Shinjuku, Yaesu. Thank you.
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From a craftsman; 2010/9/23 19:25
You mean a pair of boots made of rice-straw?
I'm a rice-straw craftsman.
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Thank you for answering my questions 2010/9/23 23:06
I saw a pair at http://todaido.wordpress.com/2007/12/10/japanese-straw-boots-hand-made...
I need a pair that I can actually wear them and hope they will last a long time, too. I think they are also called yukigutsu. I also know I probably can find them in Toyama, but I can't go there.Do you make them? or do you have a shop where I can visit in Tokyo? Thank you.
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strawboots 2010/9/24 23:16
I think you just want life-size ones. You don't actually wear them, do you? I'm afraid no such shops in Tokyo. My province is straw tub for SUSHI chefs. My friend who used to make them has quit making them because of her age(97). Though I've never made them before, I'm sure to make them. But I have no time. How about asking some Japanese around you to buy them on the Internet.
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Bingoya 2010/9/26 09:21
Bingoya is a folk crafts shop in Tokyo.
Try to ask them.

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Fukagutsu? 2010/9/26 16:18
If you are looking for boots like this,
(left bottom)
I found they are called Fukagutsu "[C". They are not manufactured for daily use now and thus not available in ordinary shops in Japan. However, the website says that they can make and sell them in a small quantitiy. Order form is here
However the form does not work for Fukagutsu (I tried because I got interested). May be you can ask with this order form.
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