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Where to find? 2010/9/23 03:17
Now that I have planned my itinerary that will bring me to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara, Hiroshima, Hakone. I would like to know where I could find some of these stuff.

1) Where can I find Polaroid cameras? I was in Akihabara in Jan this year but shops didn't seem to understand what is a Polaroid camera. I am not sure where has it. Does anybody knows where I can find it? Not forgetting, its film refills too.

2) I know that Akihabara is famous for its games, figurines and animes but I can't seem to find japan phone cards with anime characters printed on it (remembered collecting them when I was young and it was bought in Japan), any idea where can I find the shops.

3) What souvenirs are good to bring back from Japan and where can I get it from? Any specific shops?

4) I am intending to buy a few items from Burberry Blue Label, is the Takashimaya in Shinjuku the best place, in terms of varieties and stocks.

5) I have always been impressed with the vending machines I see in Tokyo but has yet to see one that has hot bentos, only seen those that has cold/hot drinks and cigarettes. I Would like to experience a meal from the bento vending machine. Where can I find it in Tokyo?

6) Is there a gundam shop in Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto?

7) I am thinking of getting a yukata as a souvenir for myself, where can I get one that is reasonably priced and has pretty prints?
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. 2010/9/24 00:39
1) Concerning Polaroid, if you mean the instant film cameras, they are not available in Japan. Polaroid branded products in Japan are digital based cameras. They do sell the Polaroid PoGo, a digital camera with a built-in printer:


I believe an instant film camera is currently only available in the United States:


2) As with other countries, the mobile phone has led to a big decline in the use of phone cards. Used to find many discarded phone cards 10-15 years ago, now I find just a few during a 4-5 week trip.

3) You'll find many souvenir shops at tourist locations. Nakamise-Dori in Asakusa, Tokyo, is a whole street of souvenir shops. As to what souvenirs you get I think is down to personal taste.

4) Sorry, I don't do designer labels!

5) In all my travels around Japan I have never seen a bento vending machine. I once saw a story on Japanese TV of a man that converted the front of his bento shop into a "vending machine," but was just passing the bento through a slot by hand.

6) Yodobashi-Akiba in Akihabara:


Osaka Gundam's store (Google Map location):


7) Plenty of places including Nakamise-Dori in Asakusa (around 3,000 - 6,000 Yen) or maybe Uniclo has good prices.
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。。。 2010/9/24 08:36
You may not be able to find the Polaroid brand itself but instant film cameras are available at most electronics stores.

Just ask for a "cheki".

The printouts are smaller than the traditional Polaroid size but the quality is very high and the cameras themselves have become quite advanced.
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.. 2010/9/24 10:58

Osaka Gundam's store (Google Map location): http://tinyurl.com/29ucoxh
Could anybody guide me on where is this place as I am not familiar with Osaka.

You may not be able to find the Polaroid brand itself but instant film cameras are available at most electronics stores.
What are the prices like? Available in Akihabara?

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Fujifilm polaroid cameras 2010/9/24 11:07
The polaroid cameras are produced by Fujifilm and are sold at most electronics and camera stores. The basic model looks like the one on the following link and costs about 6000 yen retail, while a pack of ten pictures costs between 500-1000 yen. If you are unfamiliar with the size, the pictures they produce are a little smaller than half the size of a standard polaroid.

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. 2010/9/24 12:51
The Osaka Gundam store is located in Nipponbashi/Den Den Town in South Osaka. The nearest subway stop is Ebisucho. Take exit 1b and walk north. If you go back to the link I gave and zoom the map out you will see the station.
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.. 2010/9/24 23:42
Thank you for all the replies!

Is the Osaka Gundam store a big store?
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