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Road Atlas Japan, Shobunsha 2010/9/25 14:38
To plan our next driving trip to Japan, the most up-to-date version of the above atlas I could find on the internet is the 2007 edition, which doesn't sound right ? I live outside Japan but I would not want to pay for a 2007 edition, is there like a 2010 or 2011 edition coming ?
by Ben (guest)  

If you are planning to drive in Japan, 2010/9/26 01:16
why don't you buy a newest atlas after you arrive in Japan? It will be cheaper. You may find that a new road has been build, but you will not find that an existant road has been abolished.
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another question 2010/9/29 23:05
is there any way I can order this book before I arrive Japan and have it shipped to me or delivered to a hotel in Tokyo??
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.... 2010/9/30 00:00
To (guest) : Bought my current outdated Shobunsha altas on the internet and it has served me very well for our multiple driving holidays to the Japanese countryside (usually we plan 3-4 months in advance). Although I would still prefer this method but since I can't find the latest Shobunsha Road Atlas Japan online, I may have to settle for getting it after we land but since we rarely visits large Japanese cities anymore (usually just drive straight from the airport to the countryside), I don't know if we will be able to find this atlas as it is in English (with only some place names in Japanese).
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