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Sales during Golden Week 2010/9/27 10:29

I will be arriving in Tokyo on 3May 2011, which is in the middle of Golden Week.

I have been advised not to travel long distance during this period so will be in Tokyo for a few days.

I would like to ask if there will be sales in Tokyo during the Golden Week period.

If yes, may i ask where (eg which dept stores or shops) and perhaps what items, will be on particularly good discounts? I am particularly interested in skincare, cosmetics, fashion items.

thank you.
by petunia (guest)  

Golden week sales 2010/9/27 22:13
Not usually, not that I've ever noticed anyway. The main sales are in July and January. It's possible that individual retailers might have Golden Week discounts on a few items, but because it's not a regular thing, no-one can really tell you where or on what.
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