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Grand Prix early October 2010/9/27 13:02
A colleague is heading over to see the Grand Prix in the first 2 weeks of October. He will be staying at Nagoya, travelling daily to Suzuka. I have been helping him with train related questions, and sent him off to Hyperdia which he now has under control. I do have a few questions though because there only seems to be one JR train from Nagoya to Suzuka leaving 9.45AM (or something) then hourly after that. First, is there any ohter line to get there, second, is there a better way of getting there? He is a bit worried that it will be fully booked. As always, thanks for any help.
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Japan Guide 2010/9/27 15:50
I think most of your questions are answered at this page:-

Hope he enjoys the race! Go Mark Webber! :)
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Perfect! 2010/9/27 15:54
thanks a lot for that. I will now bask in glory having got the right answers...
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