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Vase collection 2010/9/27 14:14
Hey everyone, hope all is well. My step-grandmother recently passed and she and her husband were a collector of what I believe is Japanese art and vases. I am extremely naive to this but I was wondering if anyone could help identify what these are, time frames, value, or anything that might be of useful information. I have a collection of over 160 photos of many items. Most are vases that stand anywhere from 1 foot tall to 5 feet tall. They all have unique designs on the bottoms of them and I felt I had them the right way when taking pictures. If they are upside down or need to be rotated, please let me know.

If anyone could provide information that might be useful to me (even if it's pointing me to another forum) it would be of great help.

I have uploaded all the pictures via Imageshack in one album. I will try to show pictures of just some of the items I have, followed by the mark on the bottoms of the vases themselves. There are quite a few more pics like I said if anyone needs to see any more of them and all items were not pictured. Just a few to give one an idea of what there is.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Here is a link to the album:
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Lovey collection 2010/9/28 04:17
I'm sorry I cannot help with your requests but wanted to say I enjoyed looking at your family's collection of vases and think you have some very beautiful pieces. Also, so sorry for your loss.
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vases 2010/9/29 02:03
I'm not an expert, but those vases look beautiful. May I suggest you ask for some advice from an auction house, antique dealer - someone reliable and knowledgeable who can point you in the right direction.

If you don't intend to keep them all, I'm sure there would be lots of potential buyers. Probably not on ebay though - that's more for people looking for a bargain!

Good luck.
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vases 2010/9/29 08:59
This is the best site I know of for porcelain identification although it's still going to take a lot of research:
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