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Appreciation about Japan 2010/9/27 23:45
What are the things you most appreciate about being in Japan?
by MomotaroPeachBoy  

... 2010/9/28 15:22
The generally kind, considerate and non-aggressive nature of Japanese people.
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... 2010/9/28 16:09
Unlike Uji, I the sometimes overly non-aggressive nature of Japanese people today can be detrimental to society, disappointing and personally annoying.

That said, it is better than the alternative you get in New York or Chicago!

I appreciate the clean rail system, insurance, system, general lack of crime, lack of guns, food culture, TV shows that don't go on for decades...
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I like 2010/9/28 17:15
I like most that most people (although it seems to be getting worse and worse) follow "society's rules" whether it's not using a cell phone on the train, not littering too much, a store being able to display their goods outside without worrying too much about theft.
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variety 2010/9/28 17:43
I like the variety of domestic travel options available, from the white sandy beaches of okinawa to powder snow drenched mountains of hokkaido to the dense prehistoric forests of yakushima. The variety of landscape within a relatively small area is spectacular.
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ramen 2010/9/29 14:03
I like Tonkotsu ramen. The End.

I like how Japanese convenience stores don't have bars over them, clerks don't reach under the register for a sawed-off shotgun when a black guy walks in, how almost everything can be done in a Sunkus, Family Mart, Lawson, etc. like sending packages, buying concert tix, paying your insurance/phone bills and more.

Just one beef that I have is that many Japanese apologize for everything, even things that aren't their fault - ex. You clumsily lean your umbrella against your cafe chair and it falls thanks to the hand of god or whatever, and the staff 10 feet away apologize.
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