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Tattoo shop in Kyoto 2010/9/28 02:13
I am going to Japan next week and would like to get a tattoo while I am there. Could you please give me the name of a good Tattoo Shop in Kyoto. Also, do you know if I have to make an appointment a few days in advance or will they tattoo on the spot?
by Barbara St.Germain (guest)  

Hi 2010/10/20 16:33
Hi I got a few tattoos from Gakkin,his works are so talented,amazing.
and he talks English ,so it,s really confortable to stay there.

he,s working at harizanmai tattoo shop now.

see the website

one of the famous tattooer in Japan,
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Gaaaakkinn!! 2010/11/14 05:39
Yes, I recommend Gakkin too.
I,m livin in Tokyo now,but last month I visited him to get tattooed.It was my dream!!!
He uses really nice color and free hand works,and also his English is so well(even more than me,, I,m french)

I found the his new photos on Flickr.You can check it.

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Cat 2010/11/22 10:52
Check out Catclaw Tattoo in Kyoto
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Think twice 2010/11/25 23:37
Japan generally looks down on tattoos as they have been historically associated with the Japanese mafia. Some public places, such as hot springs, will not admit people with tattoos. Would not recommend it anyway.

This is not necessarily my opinion, just Japanese culture.
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