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Should I call my Comic Book a Manga? 2010/9/29 21:49

I am a American, I'm making a Comic with Manga style Drawings, I was wondering if I should call it a Manga or Comic Book?

Some people say that only Japanese people can make Mangas?

True or False?
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true/false 2010/9/30 12:23
Having lived in Japan and being a part-time comic nerd myself back home, I honestly think that there is a blurry line you cross when calling your work a "manga". "Manga" is basically "comic" in Japanese but outside Japan, we tend to qualify "manga" as having the drawing style of a comic made by a Japanese person. That's crap because there's lots of Japanese comics that are nothing like Dragonball, Naruto, and other mainstream manga.

Hakuryu, Crying Freeman, Vagabond, etc. look/read more like a western comic,lacking the big eyes, big boobs stereotype. Plus you have your comic strips similar to Foxtrot and Snoopy that tell a one-shot gag in a few pictures.

Besides Japanese culture, there isn't a whole lot that makes a comic a true manga and not just a comic.

Chyna Clugston ( is a manga-influenced comic artist (Blue Monday). Adam Warren (Dirty Pair) is also a heavily manga-influenced comic artist and writer that could definitely be placed in the western "manga" interpretation.
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My 2 cents 2010/10/7 05:45
I read a lot of manga (the Japanese stuff) so here's my 2 cents. The stuff that comes out of Japan is called 'manga'. The stuff that comes out of Korea is called 'manhwa'. Not sure what they call it in China (I've read some of theirs too but I don't know what they call it). Here in North America, we call it a comic book, or graphic novel (for a difference of about $10, ha ha). When I read North America comics, I call it a comic book, no matter if it is done up in the Japanese artwork form (manga-style) or not. When asked by a friend to describe what I'm reading right now, I say 'manga'. When they ask what is that, I say it's a Japanese comic. So, there you have it. It's a comic when it's here, and called by a different name elsewhere. Only the nomenclature is different, no matter the artwork. And that's my 2 cents.
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