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Nagasaki to Kumamoto 2010/10/5 14:23
A friend told me to take the ferry from Nagasaki to Kumamoto. Can someone please help me with details?

by Tom O'Dachi (guest)  

Nope. 2010/10/7 23:27
by Troo (guest) rate this post as useful

. 2010/10/8 07:28
It's not that easy to decide. By ferry means several ferries and a buss between them on Shimabara,possibly an all day trip.
By bus or train means travelling back a long way, almost to Fukuoka.
We found the bus was most convenient and quickest.
by Connie Chiwa (guest) rate this post as useful

thanks! 2010/10/8 09:36
Please keep the suggestions coming!

Thanks Troo for the informative link.
I will probably have most of the day to travel, and finding the ferry etc sounds like a nice adventure.

by lynda rate this post as useful

Have SunQ Bus Pass? 2010/10/8 15:06
Don't rely on the 2nd hand info.
Taking the ferry is so beautiful on Ariake Bay and it is fast.
Do you have SunQ Bus Pass?
If so, the ferry is included.
From Nagasaki you need to get to Shimabara by bus via Unzen(the open air steam rising better than Beppu) or via Isahaya. You can also take the Shimatetsu train to Shimabara Gaiko from Isahaya.
If you decide not to take the ferry, there is the Rindo direct bus from Nagasaki to Kumamoto. No need to go back to Fukuoka.
If you need more info. call this interpretation service or post your Q's.
by amazinga (guest) rate this post as useful

. 2010/10/8 16:17
More "2nd hand info" ,sorry.- The Rindo bus does indeed go back almost to Fukuoka, as said.Look at a map.
When we were in Nagasaki in Sept. weather was lousy and I find busses or trains better than ferries in bad weather. Perhaps let the weather be your guide.
by Connie Chiwa (guest) rate this post as useful

.. 2010/10/9 08:21
I found that "2nd hand info" comment somewhat offensive. Aren't all of the helpful replies here second hand....?
by Harry Gato (guest) rate this post as useful

thanks 2010/10/9 09:37
'First-hand' info or 'second-hand' info - it really doesn't matter does it? It's the helpful people on this forum who take the time to answer questions that really matter.

Everyone is different and everyone's travel experience in Japan is slightly different - that's what makes this forum so great. People like me can read all the information and make decisions based on what best suits our style of travel, budget and time frame.

Personally, I've been to Japan many, many times and used this forum for help and advice every time. I also get a buzz when I can help someone by sharing my experiences on the forum.
by lynda rate this post as useful

can't find bus info 2010/12/24 09:57
I'm thinking of going from Nagasaki to Kumamoto by ferry. I know that I can take a train from Nagasaki to Shimabara.
But I would also like to have the option of taking a bus(es) - I will probably have the SunQ pass.
I understand you can go through Isahaya or Unzen and on to Shimabara but I can't find the bus company or schedules - the SunQ site doesn't seem to have them....anyone out there with that info?
by Maranyc rate this post as useful

Its easy 2010/12/24 16:06
If you have time and the weather is good take the ferry. Yes it is a convoluted mix of train ferry and finally a bus but you get to see something different.
by RodW rate this post as useful

... 2010/12/24 17:06
I understand you can go through Isahaya or Unzen and on to Shimabara but I can't find the bus company or schedules

The company is Shimatetsu, the same company that also operates the trains on the peninsula. Unfortunately, their website is in Japanese only:
by Uji rate this post as useful

bus to ferry 2010/12/25 01:00
RodW and Uji, thank you so much for your replies.
I actually found that railroad/bus company website last night somehow or other. With a combination of Rikaichan and looking up the names of the towns in Kanji, I was able to sort of figure out the schedule.
I also assume I can use my SunQ pass on the bus.
Even though it might take longer than the train, it seems very interesting and my suitcase is fairly light so I might go that way.
Thanks again!
by Maranyc rate this post as useful

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