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Kuzu 2010/10/7 03:31
When I visited Yoshino in April 2009, I was advised to pick up something called Kuzu, which turned out to be a kind of starch that I had to grind myself. I had it sitting in my cupboard for a while then decided to try it in my good ol' shortbread recipe. Excellent! When I go back to Kyoto in November, I would like to buy some more. Is it common to find the stuff in the shops below the JR station? Or in that market at the entrance to the Kyoto Tower elevator?
by Grace (guest)  

Kuzu 2010/10/8 08:22
While I do not know where you are able to purchase kuzu in Japan (although it is used in many foods so I imagine supermarkets sell it) I can tell you that most countries sell it. It would be called Kudzu (Pueraria lobata) in English.
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