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Any hotels at Aeon Laketown Mall 2010/10/10 01:43
I'd intend to visit the above mall during my next visit and would like to stay in that vicinity. Are there any hotels around there or say a station or two away! Thank you!
by jjosie  

... 2010/10/10 18:48
Try searching with "Hotel Sun Oak." This one is one station away, and seems to be a no-nonsense business hotel. You can easily travel from Tokyo if you are staying in the relatively northern part of Tokyo, though (for example, Ikebukuro, Kitasenju, etc.)
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Nope 2010/10/10 21:49
There is absolutely nothing at the JR Koshigaya-Laketown Station other than the mall.

I actually looked for hotels near that mall (within a few stops) before my last trip (my post-shopping itinerary for that day called for doing the laundry, going to bed, and leaving early the next morning), but I couldn't find any place I liked. As I recall, the few options I could find were unattractive and/or overpriced, although I limited my search to properties with a coin laundry, which does screen out most "nicer" places. There's definitely nothing in walking distance. You will have to take a train (or drive) to the mall anyway so you will probably want to find someplace more appealing to stay. If you have the capacity to search in Japanese with a hotel site such as Rakuten you can find plenty of business hotels in Saitama or a closer part of Tokyo, but the trade-offs are substantial. (Make sure your room will be large enough to hold your purchases and you at the same time.)
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Follow Up 2010/10/10 22:02
I should add that I have nothing against the place that AK mentioned. It might be a good choice for you, if you're seriously interested in staying as close to the mall as possible.

I definitely didn't mean to imply that all of the hotels in that neck of the woods are bad. There were a number of reasons they didn't suit my needs, not just the laundry thing.
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