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New Years Eve Events 2010/2011 2010/10/10 16:05
I will be in Kyoto for new years going into 2011. Does anyone know if there are organised celebrations such as parties, events or festivals at this time?
by KyotoLove10  

New Years in Kyoto 2010/10/14 01:27
I spent 9 New Years in Tokyo, but I expect Kyoto will be similar.
We always went to Zojoji, a large temple. It was mobbed. They burned the old wooden grave markers and rang the huge bell 108 times. 108 people could ring it, even foreigners.
There were all kinds of food, etc. A real celebration.
I think all the large temples in Kyoto will have similar activities.
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Thankyou!! 2010/10/16 10:28
Thanks so much. To be honest I never would have even thaught of going to the temples for New Years. Sounds like an amazing experience, can't wait.
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club 2010/10/17 21:32
i know your in kyouto but, go to a club. nothing beats tokyo clubs on NYE countdown. im going "AgeHa" this year.
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Clubs 2010/10/18 07:27
I am going to be in Tokyo for 4 days and would love to go clubbing. Do you have any suggestions? Though I read in lonely Planet that some clubs are a bit suspect of letting in foreigners...
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Clubs 2010/10/18 08:16
I would think long and hard before going to any clubs in Japan. When you get ready to leave and get the bill you will likely need cardio-pulmonary rescussitation, unless you happen to be a millionaire.
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um 2010/10/19 13:06
@dick h.

you must have never been clubbing in australia before, if you think tokyo clubs are expensive.

camelot in shibuya = 1000yen entry and 2 drink tokens. drinks cost 500yen to buy. i would HARDLY call that expensive.

then theres the trashy places like gaspanic... no entry fee. drinks cost 300yen untill 10pm (just arrive at 9pm, quickly drink a few, then just before 10pm, buy 2 or 3 drinks... like everyone does)

i enjoy paying an average of 500yen for drinks, compared to an average of 1300yen to 1700yen in melbourne. if i ever visit australia again, i would never go to a club lol.

so in closing, tokyo clubs are NOT expensive. i highly reccomend "AgeHa" as they always have awesome NYE countdown parties.
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