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Film scripts / film dialogues 2010/10/12 16:26
In order for someone not used to Japanese to more easily follow the dialogue in Japanese films it would be convenient to have the printed dialogue or film script. Even when there is English subtitles. Are these published oris it possible to purchase them somewhere? Or maybe they can be accessed on the internet?
by Buckie  

Subs and Panphlets 2010/10/15 18:26

A lot of DVDs of Japanese movies allow you to select Japanese subtitles while viewing. Also, official panphlets are always sold at the theaters when the movie is showing, and many of them have the whole final script printed on them.

Just as an example, 誰も知らない DVD has Japanese subtitles, and the official panphlet of キャタピラー showing in theaters at the moment have the script printed.
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