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Buying pearls at Mikimoto Pearl Island 2010/10/13 13:26
I am considering adding a sidetrip to Pearl Island and Meoto-Iwa to my journey across Japan. I thought I might buy a souvenir loose pearl if I go. Are they fairly expensive? While I was in Beijing, I picked up a massive black pearl for about $30 (CAN$). I was hoping they (Pearl Island) would sell loose pearls for reasonable prices at this location. Can you guide me?
by Grace (guest)  

... 2010/10/13 20:32
Unless they have dramatically lowered there prices since I was there a few years ago, I don't think $30 is barely enough to cover the entry fee for 2 people let alone buy the pearls there.

They have some sweets for that price.

The only pearls you can get for that price in Japan are pearls that have been imported from China and are being sold as Japanese pearls.

You would have done better to stock up in Beijing.
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.... 2010/10/13 22:10
ha ha, ok thanks, kyototrans!
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fake pearls 2010/10/14 02:17
i'd be very suspicious that your black pearl is a fake. 30$ is too cheap even in china. sounds like a fake.

you'd be looking at 10X that much for a real pearl if you buy it in japan.
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... 2010/10/14 10:18
Nope, it's real. Had the jeweler here at home turn it into a nice pendant.
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