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Construction safety vest 2010/10/14 16:56
Since we moved to Japan, my husband has always been very impressed with the light-up safety vests worn by construction workers doing road work, as well as their light up safety sticks (I don't know what to call them - the things they use to direct traffic/pedestrians). I would like to buy him his own vest & light stick in time for Halloween, but I've had trouble finding one...I've checked Tokyu Hands in Ginza and our neighborhood hardware store, but couldn't find anything.

Does anyone have a suggestion about where I could buy these items? I am in Minato-ku but am happy to go to any store I can reach by train. Or can anyone tell me what they would be called in Japanese so that I can try to locate them on Amazon or another online shop?

Thanks in advance - it's kind of a silly request, but I think he'd really get a kick out of receiving these as a present!
by tokyo_wife (guest)  

. 2010/10/14 20:55
You can buy them online.
Vests with reflector and LED lights : kdcxXg (eru ii dii yakou besuto) No.731 732
Guide light : U (yuudou tou) No. 18720-3
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Thank you! 2010/10/15 11:28
Thanks so much! That's a really great price, too!
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