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Stamp for labelling 2010/10/14 21:23
I am looking to buy a product which I believe you sell in Japan.
It is a stamp with personalised letters which spell your name. You can then use the stamp, with special ink to label children's clothing, lunch boxes, plastic, metal.

Do you know where I can buy one?

Is it made in Japan?

Do you know who the manufacturer is?


by francesca gubbay (guest)  

Hanko? 2010/10/16 19:17
Are you referring to a hanko that is used as we use our signature in the West? These are pretty small and maybe don't fit your purpose. You can buy then everywhere in Japan, but I believe that J-List has a service to order then from outside of Japan: http://www.peterpayne.net/2010/01/hanko-name-stamps-in-japan.html
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o-namae stamp 2010/10/17 15:18

They are so-called "o-namae stamp" and are made by various manufacturers under various product names such as "ねいみ〜(Neimi)." You might be able to order them through major stationary stores such as Itoya, Tokyu Hands or Loft, I'm not sure, but there are plenty of them sold on-line. Here is an example.

You will be seeing more of them in store in March, because school starts in April here in Japan.
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