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Buying from Amazon 2010/10/18 10:44
If I buy from Amazon.com (English, not Japanese, if that makes any difference), how long does it typically take for the product to arrive? If anyone has experience. Thanks!
by MomotaroPeachBoy  

Amazon 2010/10/18 12:46

It depends on what you are ordering, but the site will usually give you an estimated delivery date when you place your order. I've had items arrive in less than 36 hours from the USA.
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Amazon 2010/10/18 17:39
If you talking about Amazon.com in the U.S. it takes about 3-5 business days depending on where you live.

If you are talking about Amazon Japan, I've purchased a few things and they arrive amazingly fast. I got some things the next business day and it was free shipping too.
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... 2010/10/18 20:33
If it's something from the Amazon warehouse, even if it's coming from the US you probably will have it in 3 days or so.

Stuff coming from vendors though tends to take a week or more.

If you're in Tokyo and it's something available in Japan, same day delivery is possible. You can order something before 9 am and have it that evening or night.
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