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department stores in shirokane takanawa 2010/10/19 02:59
Hi, i recently moved into this area and would like to know where to find a store just like jusco, i cant seem to find any around here. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
by amy (guest)  

supermarket 2010/10/19 17:51

Here is a map and a list of links to supermarkets in Shirokanetakanawa area. Mind you, it's a sort of an expensive area compared to places that have Jusco.
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difficult 2010/10/19 19:22
That area is more residential. The nearest Jusco is in Shinagawa-ku, easier to access if you have a car. You may find it more convenient to go to Tokyu Hands. Also, you can get some home supplies in supermarkets, or you might want to go to the D2 that is closer to Mita station.
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... 2010/10/20 22:12
THANKS UCO AND TILT!!!! by the way uco, i cant see the map and link that you've posted do you mind posting it again? THANK YOU!!!
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I'm so sorry!! 2010/10/21 01:28
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