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What is the main religions in Japan? 2010/10/22 03:54
What faith do most Japanese people have, the religion that is portrayed in Japanese media like tv or the radio. And if there really isn't one, can you at least tell me what is done in a Buddhist, Shinto temple as worship?
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religion 2010/10/22 10:23
The main religions are Shinto and Buddhism. You can learn more on these pages:

religion in Japan:


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religions 2010/10/29 13:38
The main religions are Shinto and Buddhism.

yes mostly 神道 and 仏教,
of course me too, both.
By the way, is there is much Christianity at south japan.
Because a historic background.

I heard often,
a marriage ceremony as Shinto
a funeral as Buddhism
There is much that case.
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