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Need dentist who can speak English. 2010/10/26 20:49
My teeth needs an orthodontic treatment (not properly aligned). I lived in a countryside and couldn't find any dentist who can speak English to explain to me the processes of the treatment that is very important. I should know well everything about what I'm going to undergo since this treatment will last 6 months to 1 year and that it requires an almost daily visits to the clinic and advises or instructions from the dentist.

Now, does anyone of you here knew of any dentists here in Fukushima Ken or Kanto area who can speak in English? Please, I really need your help, suggestions and recommendations. And also, how much an orthodontic treatment costs? Will my shakai hoken can be applied to cover part of the costs?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

by lorrine  

. 2010/10/28 14:12
Hi, I searched English available dental clinic in Fukushima and found 2.
I'm not sure shakai hoken accepts your your treatment.

Hozumi dental

Hakata dental
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Thanks. 2010/10/28 21:30
Thanks Hackn for sharing the site. That's really a great help. Have you tried any of these dental clinics? I just want to know your feedback about these clinics.
I found another one through the site you shared. The dental clinic is in Iwaki-- What do you think of this one. I'm debating with myself now between this and the other 2 you suggested. They all seemed good.
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. 2010/10/28 22:13
As I live in Tokyo, I have no infos on them...
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... 2010/10/31 22:42
Ok. Thanks again.
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