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xbox 360 games in tokyo ? 2010/10/29 14:33

I want to buy an Xbox 360 , But obviously the Japanese are not Big fans of the Xbox
so every time i go to a video game store i find old games for x360 , so where can i find a good store in tokyo , Do they have virgin megastore?

Thank you
by Mike92zein  

xbox 360 2010/10/29 14:55
Unfortunately as you found there usually isn't a lot of selection at stores in Japan. Instead I find that amazon.co.jp and playasia.com have the best prices and selection for xbox 360 games in Japan. Amazon even offers free shipping which is often next day if you live in Kanto.
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strange 2010/10/30 08:36
That's strange, whenever i've been in tokyo i've never found it hard to find a good selection of 360 games. Plenty of shops in akiba stock all the latest games.
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buying used or new? 2010/11/1 15:43
If you want new XBOX360 games, try Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera. They should have all the latest games!
If you can wait for delivery, amazon is ok. If you want it right now, just hop on the train and go.
If you want older games, try BookOff, Freedom, or other used book/game shop.
Akiba is good for games too like mentioned above, but why go all the way there when you can lookup your nearest electonics store on the web?
Or you could always rent if you have a GEO account (easy to make these days if you have yer gaijincard.
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tokyo 2010/11/1 15:59
Sorry, I missed that the OP is looking specifically in Tokyo. My answer is more geared to those living outside Tokyo at which point the selection drops off considerably. Also keep in mind that not all games are released in Japan, and some are not released with english so that may be a concern if it is vital to understand the storyline. Be sure to check online first so that you know what you are ordering.
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