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Re-marriage after divorce 2010/10/29 15:32
I'm an American that divorced in Okinawa July/2010. I left back for the states soon after. I returned recently as a tourist.

My understanding is that there is a 6 month requirement for women to remarry. Does this apply to me as an american, whose divorce sighted North Carolina as the governing state over the divorce? My Ex husband and I were separated over a year prior to divorce, but the military wouldn't send me home regardless. So I stayed, found a lawyer and we divorced in family court on island...

Can I remarry now? Do I have to wait the 6 months (I'm not pregnant, well past that age, and was separated from my X for a year so even if I was, it wouldn't have been his)? I'm here on a 90 tourist visa. I've registered my divorce with the county in North Carolina as required. And changed my last name as granted with my divorce in Okinawa (I can't believe it was up to HIM to allow me to change my last name!).

Any advice on this.
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same for all 2010/10/30 06:47
As far as I know, for a marriage registered in Japan the 6-month requirement applies equally to non-Japanese as it does to Japanese citizens. The best place to ask about this though would be the city/ward office where you intend to register your second marriage.
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marriage in Japan 2010/10/30 14:53
You probably have already seen this site, but here are the Japanese rules on the US Embassy website:
It says you if you marry here, you do according to Japanese law, so I agree with Sira, the place you are registering your marriage would know the answers better than we would.
If you just arrived here on a 90 day tourist visa, why not just wait until the six month mark past July and get married then?

The only thing I know for sure is that you need to get a notarized paper from the American embassy that says you are legally able to marry (the papers are on the link above).
If the Japanese law of 6 month waiting period does apply to you and you swear on the marriage affidavit you are legally able to marry, it might constitute fraud, and you do have to put on the Japanese marriage paper the date that your last marriage ended. Just ask, it might be case by case.
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